Accessibility declaration

This section describes the measures that have been taken to guarantee the accessibility of the website in accordance with the following laws and regulations:

Easy reading

A default size is defined for each text element of the website. The user has the possibility to adjust it from the widget located on the right site of the website or from the dedicated function of the browser:

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Menu "Display", then "Text Size".
Firefox 2.0 and above: "View" menu, then "Zoom text".
Google Chrome: "Customize and configure Google Chrome", "Settings" menu, "View advanced settings...", "Web content"

Avoidance links

Three avoidance links are can be activated via the keyboard (TAB key), allowing you to go:

  • Directly to the menu: avoiding the secondary menu on top of the page
  • Directly to the content: to reach the page title
  • To the footer: to reach directly the website footer


A click on the logo, located on top of the website, allows to return to the homepage of the website

Breadcrumb trail

A breadcrumb trail is present on top of each page’s content in order to find your way and to browse easily in the website. You can visualize at any time where you are and to go back if needed.

Compliance with standards

This website complies the closest to the following web standards:

  • RGAA version 4
  • The HTML code complies with the HTML 5 specifications
  • The CSS code complies with the CSS3 specifications