As we industrialize the seas, the problem of marine noise pollution is increasingly exacerbated. A number of sources of noise exist simultaneously, including:

  • oil and gas exploration and scientific study of the seabed, as well as the extraction of these raw materials on the production sites,
  • extraction of seabed materials (marine aggregates) for exploitation purposes or to conduct port engineering operations (channels, harbors etc.),
  • construction work (harbor areas, sea walls, wind farms etc.),
  • commercial marine traffic and pleasure boats,
  • underwater and underground explosions,
  • military and civilian active sonar waves.

Such noise is also a trans-border issue and can travel significant distances underwater.



Noise pollution, disturbance, deafness, traumatic lesions, damage to echolocation systems, communication difficulties, strandings, destruction of coastal ecosystems (ports and sea walls, dredging) and, as a result, of coastal cetacean habitats etc.