Strikes between ships and large cetaceans (Fin Whale and Sperm Whale) are the main cause of non-natural mortality for these marine mammals in the Pelagos Sanctuary. Speed is the main factor in explaining this mortality: below 10 knots (≃ 20 km/h), ship strikes are very rare; above 13 knots (≃ 25 km/h), strikes and mortality rates skyrocket.
The need for shipping companies to go fast stems from our consumer frenzy, particularly our desire to have everything, right away, or to travel very fast to our vacation destinations (in particular Corsica and Sardinia).

Organized from February 3rd to November 30th, 2020 by the Animation team of the French part of the Pelagos Sanctuary,  and in partnership with the WWF, Souffleurs d'écume* and GIS3M*, this contest was designed at establishments welcoming youth in order to express their willingness to slow down this race to speed and to agree to give up the immediacy that generates serious impacts on the cetaceans of the Sanctuary.

Taking into account the quality of their performances, the jury, chaired by Denis Ody (WWF France), decided to declare the winners of the competition "Stop Collision" ex aequo:

The Lavandou day-care center and the Revest-les-Eaux Kindergarten.

Congratulations to the children and their supervisors for their proposals: a fresco for the former, drawings and songs for the latter. The only goal is to draw attention to the strikes between whales and ships, encouraging us to slow down our pace!

The winners will be rewarded during an educational visit on WWF France's boat, the Blue Panda, in the coming months. This will also be the occasion to present them with their prizes: Le Dauphin books, posters and bookmarks representing the 8 most common marine mammal species in the Pelagos Sanctuary.

Congratulations to all and thank you for your participation!

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* which became MIRACETI from June 2020