4 february Rome (Italy) Meeting of the Pelagos Sanctuary National Focal Points
28 march Marseille (France) Training for authorities at sea on ship strikes  supported by French part of the Pelagos Sanctuary
5 april Liège (Belgium) Workshop "scientific progress on cetaceans and perspectives in the Pelagos Sanctuary"
9 april Paris (France) Conference debate "Cetaceans of Pelagos Sanctuary: issue and protection"
29-30 october Monaco Workshop on cetacean live stranding
9-11 november Adélaide (Australia) 3rd International Conference on Marine Mammals MPA
12-19 november Sydney (Australia) Word Congress of the IUCN Parks
27-28 november Genoa (Italy) 7th Technical and Scientific Committee of the Pelagos Sanctuary
January 29-30 Genoa Extraordinary session of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Pelagos Sanctuary
June 4-5 Rome Sixth Meeting of the Parties of the Pelagos Sanctuary
June 23-24 Monaco Monaco Blue Initiative
September 18 Hyères Third National Committee of the French Part of the Pelagos Sanctuary
September 26 Monaco Awareness day for shipowners – ship strikes and REPCET system – as part of Monaco Yacht Show
October 3 Genoa Invitation to sign the Pelagos Charter as part of the ‘il mare è sempre più blu’ event at the Genoa Boat Show
October 21-27 Marseille Third World Marine Protected Areas Congress
October 30-31 Monaco Sixth Scientific and Technical Committee of the Pelagos Sanctuary