The National Stranding Network has its own branch, which is coordinated by GECEM, covering the French Mediterranean. The network is made up of local correspondents (mainly veterinarians, but also volunteers and government employees).

The Port-Cros National Park participates in the Stranding Network by making available its trained staff and two trailers for the collection stranded animal carcasses.

The two trailers are shared between the Alpes-Maritimes and Var departments.

Monthly distribution of strandings covered by the Network.

Source : GECEM

Changes in the number of strandings in the French Mediterranean per year

Source : GECEM

Strandings in the French Mediterranean per month

Source : GECEM


Stranded long-finned pilot whale/h4>

© Mathieu Foulquié SNPN Agde

Stranded sperm whale in Corsica

© Catherine Cesarini GECEM Corse

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